Saturday, April 3, 2010

WonderCon Day One

Its Good Friday (it was kind of a rough day for Jesus, but that's ancient history now) and many people have the day off. Maybe that's why it was so busy at WonderCon today, and at work after. The freeways were packed, too. And it rained.

I showed up at WonderCon this morning, somewhat to Mel's surprise, but he was gracious as always and found me a spot to sit and pimp my two Archaia books, SNKS and LaLS. Sold a few in an hour as well.

I brought some drawing stuff with me, but I'll probably leave it at home tomorrow. I don't really like drawing at cons, and don't produce much of value. Its not that I mind people watching me draw, its just that I feel like I'm there for another purpose. I'm there to sell my books and schmooze/network, and drawing inhibits that, plus I can't really concentrate on what I'm drawing. Lots of artists make money drawing at cons. I will never be one of those.

Too bad in a way. I was going to work on some character sketches for Okita, but it was sort of a waste of time.

The other thing I've learned in decades of attending cons, is that I'm only really comfortable when I have a home base, a publisher whose table I can sit at. I was good when I was with Malibu, back in the day. And I like sitting at the Archaia table. I'm validated, and not bored.

You see, I don't really read much comics anymore, I don't tend to buy much, I'm shy about approaching other artists, the floor is too crowded and my hip hurts when I walk it too much. But behind a table, with a product I know how to sell, I'm confident, lively and comfortable.

Its that way at work. I can talk about coffee, because I've had the time and opportunity to learn about it, but at my new job, I'm scheduled to spend time next week talking about a gadget I've had little time getting to know and don't have much natural interest in. I don't have much natural interest in coffee either, but that doesn't matter. I know about it, and that makes all the difference for me.

If you come to me, I can sell you on something. I can't make cold call sales.

Enough post drift. I spent the second half of the day at work, and it was very busy, and tomorrow it all starts over again. Lots to do this weekend and much left undone.

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