Monday, April 5, 2010

Six month plan.

A day off today and several more to come this week. I may actually not be working so much this week, so Its time to get other things done. I've been waiting for the rains to finish so I can do my last bit of spring planting. I spent a bit of time doing thumbnails for Okita and The Cat. I took care of some more digital housekeeping, and began developing a six month plan.

I'm not a big one for writing down lists but I do think ahead about what I need to get done and when I will have the time to accomplish that. So yesterday was doing the homework for next week. It wasn't a lot, but now its out of the way.

Tomorrow I will have to spend time learning to use C's nook because I'm expected to spend four hours at work tomorrow pimping it to customers without ever having been given the time I need to learn to use it. Watching someone else use it as they explain doesn't really cut it for me. I can't say that training has been all that I might wish at my new job, but I'll just have to deal with it. I'm not at all clear with myself how long I'll remain there. I sometimes like it and sometimes don't, but my sense is that this is not a long term solution for me.

Another thing to calculate into my six month plan.

Other things?

Finishing Okita. Finishing my website upgrade. Paying down my debt. Writing more and staring a project that's too long delayed. Planning for more classes. Getting past a thing too long on my mind.

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