Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pushing through

Yesterday I mentioned planning ahead, to balance when things get done. Today I was thinking about pushing through, staying the course when it gets tough. Mostly I was thinking about this while I was on the stationary horizontal bike, pedaling away at the gym. I didn't feel like being on the bike (I rarely do) but thought it would help balance yesterday's workout, and I was using the idea of writing about how I pushed through to the end of my projected ride, (30 minutes). Motivation, y'know?

I got off after eight minutes.

Yesterday I thought I might push through and finish the thumbnails for Okita and the Cat (48 pages).

I finished ten.

But am I discouraged? Not at all. I can always come back to it, and will soon enough, and that's opart of the planning. This is not to say that there isn't great value in pushing through to the completion of a project, before taking on something new. I'm a big believer in not spreading your self too thin, and taking things through to finish before moving on.

But sometimes it just doesn't work that way, and you can't beat your self up over it. It's just part of the process. Come back and start again... even if its failing to go to the gym for a week, or dropping the novel I started (and have decided to scrap and star fresh with). And thinking ahead about these changes and planning the space for them.

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