Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today's changes

Today is a day for digital housekeeping (some household housekeeping too). I'm mostly sorting out my web presence, condensing, expanding, even starting a blog. I'm not at all sure just how long this thing will last. I get tired of hearing myself after a while, and me just talking about me will bore me soon enough.

I'm very project oriented though, and if I consider Eaten By as a finite project, I could find myself putting a lot of steady work into it. I have several projects on the horizon to consider, some comics I've committed to, a bit of planting to finish (next week, its too wet today), WonderCon this weekend, plus I have to work in the evenings. But I think that one of the changes I need to get to, sooner rather then later is writing more.

Some of it could be comics, but having comics published also counts as a check-off in my life goals. No, I'm thinking I want to write a novel. I have something in mind, but its not yet time to share.

A couple of years ago I kept a worklog going here for around nine months. I think it still stands as one of the longest worklogs at the site. In time, I think this will become a worklog to complement my portfolio website .

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