Friday, July 16, 2010

To the iPhone, Okita! 08

JH sent me a tutorial on how he went about cutting BBB up that was helpful, but my approach is different. I created a template PSD file in Pshop @ 480x320 @ 72ppi. I then open up one of my original unflattened PSD files of the comic which is at 450ppi.

I flatten the linked art and graytone layers and then reduce the whole file to 100 or maybe 150 ppi (if it has some very small panels) and then cut out the piece of art I want and drag it to my template and save it out as a new file number (Okita_001).

I also drag over the appropriate text in un-rasterized form which allows me to re-size it @ 14pt in this case. I'm using Blambot's Eurocomic font. and then redraw the balloons.

Then I recolor on a layer beneath the art using simple colors and allwing the graytones to add some complexity. I save it out unflattened and then also a flattened JPG at the highest quality.


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