Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To the iPhone, Okita! 02

I took my first post and started a thread at PanelandPixel reposting much of this material.

Got a response back noting that I betrayed little experience with comics on the iPhone. I acknowledge that I have none. And this was my response, re-posted here.


You're right that I've never seen a comic on an iPhone. Not sure who I know that I could borrow one from. There is an Apple store a block down from where I work, so maybe they could show me one. I'll google Comixology and see if they have any info.

Two things I'm thinking though.

1) I don't think I'd want to be doing turns on the phone to accommodate different panels directions. Maybe its comfortable for people who use them all the time, but it seems to me that it would pull you out of the story to have to change directions.

2) It seems to me that its a medium well suited to intimate stories. Just as the small screen size of television suggests more intimately told stories than cinema, so it would seem to me that the small screen of the iPhone would favor intimately told stories... which suits Okita well.

Now it may well be that the people who buy iPhones and comics over iPhones prefer slam bang action tales (and we do have some action) but the format suggests intimacy to me.

At any rate I expect to be actively posting to this thread over the coming days so stay tuned and chime in. Thanks for the suggestion!

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