Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To the iPhone, Okita! 01

So I have the contracts to bring Okita and the cat to iPhone as a $2.99 app, but this means i have some additional work to do. For readability, it will be necessary to present the comic at one, or perhaps two panels per screen shot. Each image will have to be 320x480 pixels per inch in jpeg format. Or 480x320 if we want to go with horizontal panels, as my partner recommends.

My art should read well at the smaller scale, but the text will have to be resized. It simply loses too much resolution to be readable, as you can see in the attached illustration, which is page one shot down to scale and trimmed a tick.

Okita was also drawn as a black and white book for economical print production. But color is essentially free in the digital world. yes there is increased file size, but with current technology it makes no real difference, and it seems a better deal to entice readers with color, so I'll have to provide some.

A co-worker of mine claimed that the comics she had seen on iPhone's were all so garish that they were difficult to read, so I will go with a very limited palette,both for that reason and because it'll be faster and easier.

The exciting thing for me really, is that is trimming my panels to fit the same size rectangular box, I'm going to have to re-appraise and rethink what I've drawn to make the comic work. It will beg some a very different beast. Page turns will mean something entirely different. In effect, this is a comic strip as slide show.

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