Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To the iPhone, Okita! 03

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The developer is Arrow Publications, a publisher of romance novels primarily, although they go broader then that as well.

They are producing a line of romance "graphic novels" at this web site.

I put "graphic novels" in quotes because they are talking about stories running 60-90 panels. They have a few samples there and its worth checking out. Now I'm not looking for snarky responses here. I think we will all look at the work presented and find it to be artistically tame.

Their audience is woman, they have a clear idea about what their audience wants to see. And they are looking for artists to do work for hire. I've no idea what they pay, or what the deal is. Okita doesn't exactly fit this profile and our deal is much like the creator ownership deals that most small comics publishers offer these days.

The art is not bad, although tame, and the dialogue is execrable, but this is potentially a huge market they are attempting to tap, and comics professionals with some real skill could make a real mark here provided that they were respectful of the conventions and preferences of this market.

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