Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Still in Flux

Job is in flux. Looks like I'll be changing positions again at BN at the end of the year. Couldn't move the needle enough. But then I may not be there at all next year. Something is in the offing, and I'm hopeful of a sea change coming. But if it doesn't come, I'll be sorry to leave my current spot.

Art is in flux. Waiting on writers on four different projects, so I'm occupying myself trying some new art techniques. First I'm doing some drawings using ink wash... colored ink wash over smoothly rendered pencil. I want to move into painting and learned to do a slow patient ink wash technique a few years back in my Architectural Graphics class. This is in marked contrast to my usual slashing marks approach.

And I went out to buy some red, yellow and blue acrylics to mix into a rich black to try painting with it. I will be painting in black at first, because I just want to focus on handling the materials. I'll keep the size, subject matter, and color close to what I've been doing so I can just focus on the paint.

We'll see how it goes.


  1. Any idea what new mission awaits you @ B&N? Of course, I am rooting for your other option to pan out.
    BTW, after careful consideration, I opted for a Kindle vs. the Nook. Maybe it's the Seattle Kool-Aid I've been drinking for the past 30 years, but the Kindle's features won me over. Of course, if you received a hefty commission on the sale of every Nook, I would have reconsidered...

  2. No commission. But I do like nookcolor in preference to either nook or Kindle. Its an e-reader on steroids. Still awaiting word on the new job.