Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So Kinda Just Waiting

I find that I have a "free" day today. I've finished my class... finals last night and its just a matter of going in next week and picking up the results. but really, since I did not studying, I've been over for a week.

I'm kind of in that interim period where I've finished a long push with many things I wanted to be doing delayed. And now I'm free to start and I don't quite have the drive to pick something and dig in. I have lines in the water today about a number of different projects, and even the prospect of a new job.

Of course on these free days, i find that they get filled up with that which i had not intended. I got some reading done, and I've read very little these last few months. I took an unexpected trip to SF in the rain that failed to produce the desired result. I was going to go to a movie, and may yet go tonight.

I should go to the gym, but its raining and...

Maybe I'll just go to the table and draw.

Or sort through some drawers.

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