Sunday, December 5, 2010

Head Mechanics Gets Rolling.

Maybe. Sort of...

At least after a bit of a stall, occasioned in part by me being tied up with school work, I think we have agreement on how Jack and Luna should look. Since my time is now opening up, I was able to draw more and once SH sent me back the earlier sketches that she liked, we got on the same page. Sometimes its best to actually see, rather then just talk about. I had thought it was a different preliminary version of Luna she liked, and have been way off base for jack right along.

Of course, all of his would have been easier if we could have sat down at the same table and drawn and talked, but London to San Francisco Bay is a bit too much. Patience will out.

I was going to post the image, but dang! Its on my other computer from when I scanned it in this morning and I forgot to Dropbox it. Tomorrow then.

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  1. I should add that the image posted below ws close, but not close enough and what I sent that SH liked is something else.