Friday, December 3, 2010

December Update

So I'm back, hopefully with more regular updates again as I've all but completed my class and must get onto new activities. Comics and other creative ventures should be among these, but also I need to sit down and get on top on new software and in some cases not such new software that I've acquired and will need if I am to progress. One of my rationales for not taking more classes in the spring is simply that the time and energy spent on these takes away from what I have to do to get on top of the software.

Comics are still out there as well. Still working to get head mechanics up and running. i haven't quite nailed the character design yet for Jack,but have more time and energy to put into it now. I've attached the most recent model sheet (from this morning)and sent a copy to SH. lets see what kind of response we get, hmmm?

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