Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Grave Doug Freshley on Graphic.Ly

I am lifting this directly from my Partner Josh Hechinger's blog. DOUG is finally after years of waiting coming to life albeit for digital download, rather than as a print OGN. If it generates enough response and enthusiasm here, well, a hardcover book may come eventually.

The first three chapters of The Grave Doug Freshley, are finally (FINALLY) available for public consumption.

Here's step by step instructions on how to purchase this fine product:

Step 1: Download Adobe AIR from (you might only need to do this on Macs, but better safe than sorry)

Step 2: Go to

Step 3: Create an account (this is free) and download the desktop app for your opp orating system of choice (also free).

There's also a Google Chrome app and an iPhone/iPod Touch app.

Step 4: Once you're set up, click the icon on your desktop and sign in.

Step 5: Click the Comic Store tab up top.

Step 6: Click the Archaia Comics link in the sidebar.

Step 7: Click through the pages, and click The Grave Doug Freshley (should be page 2 or 3 as of writing)

Step 8: Buy each issue. They'll appear in your basket in the upper right.

Step 9: Pay however.

Step 10: The comics will automatically download. You can see them under the My Collection tab.

Chapter/Issue 01 is free, the other two are $1.99 a pop. All of them are 30 pages, not counting ads and such.

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