Sunday, May 2, 2010

Okita thoughts

So my plan was to get through page 12 today, pencils, inks, scanned lettered and toned. I got to page 13... except that I haven't done any tones as yet and I'm behind on the tones for the previous few pages as well.

If I stop now, am I on pace? If I get those pages toned then I am definitely ahead. My gut says that I need to tone at least some of these pages tonight to be on schedule. Of course its an arbitrary schedule, my own schedule. I'd like to have the book done by the end of May, mostly because I want to get on to other things.

Its early evening now. If in take a break to write this, and other thoughts, perhaps I'll have the mind set to get back to it before I retire tonight. Tomorrow doesn't exist. I won't have time to get back to this until the day after.

If not for my mental schedule though, I could say this was a good productive day.

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