Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beginning Again

So I began this blog a couple of months ago thinking about what I needed to accomplish this year. Things were in flux coming into 2010, but are now talking shape. I found a new job, and while I don't want it to be long term, it resolves some immediate problems. I finished my classes and certificate, and while I'll be continuing to take classes next fall, I'm taking the summer off from it. I finished the substantial comics project I planned for, Okita and the Cat and added the short Daddy's Girl to the pile.

Summer means getting back to work on a portfolio that can help me to find work, and specifically, really getting back on top of my software proficiencies.

And I also want to write. Really write. Spend time writing. This blog is a bit of it... a warmer-upper. I may write some short comics, but really, I've a novel in mind and must begin work on that.

Yet and still, I've hit my marks so far this year, so why not continue now that I've clarified for myself what they are.

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