Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cradle to Cradle part 02

Chapter two continues the analysis and chapter three begins describing solutions. The authors describe industry and environment as seeing themselves as antagonists. Fair enough. They are seeking a new paradigm that sees these as collaborators, where industry is inherently renewable and nourishing.

And most interesting to me is that they see this as a design issue. Regulation is required to the depredations of industry, whereas a well designed system would require no regulation because the benefits would be inherently profitable and well as healthy.

I have prattled to friends in the past about good work flow design and how it could be implemented at my work places. I've described it as "designing work flow so that people do things the way they want to, and it gives you the results you want." When you can effectively do this, you can save yourself all kinds of management headaches.

So seeing this as a design issue, as McDonough and Braungart do, certainly appeals to me.

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