Sunday, May 8, 2011

Greetings from Boise!

I am, barring a few weekend trips home re-located to a long-stay suite in Boise Idaho, from the San Francisco Bay Area where I have so long lingered. This is for work... I'll be counting the cracks in all of the roads of Ada County for the next ten weeks. And trying to get a 22 page story drawn while I'm up here. No scanner, I don't think, so no art to be seen. I will get home for Memorial Day, and my daughter's graduation from College.
The little kitchenette is about as much of a kitchen as I would want. I do have 30+ years of experiance in food and beverage, and can work in cramped quarters as I am very organized and clean as I go. I also have a very limited repertoire of food I can cook.It'll mostly be salads, sandwiches and oatmeal... but I have to reduce my blood sugar and boost my HDL anyway.

I have two laptops with me. One for work, and the other for this stuff. I have drawing paper, pencils and markers etc, and few distractions so no excuses for not doing the work.

Which I haven't yet done today.

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