Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not Wrapped Tight_001

Many projects are in flux right now. The two that I was expecting to develop during the early part of 2011 seem to be stuck in writer land. I was developing a third project with a writer I've worked with before when I got pitched by another writer to do something for that same slot. I caused some conversation between me and the two writers and the publisher to figure out what was happening,and most likely I'll doing the first project as planned... but developments could change that again, I suppose.

So while all of this waiting on writers was happening, I decided to just write my own story. And this is the elevator pitch:

After 50 centuries, an Egyptian princess returns from the dead seeking her warrior husband. Pursued by a ravening hunger for human flesh, both aided and hindered by an assortment of supernatural beings, she crosses the modern world in search of romance.

Fourteen pages into the script at the moment.

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