Tuesday, January 25, 2011

They Are All Great Books.

Most of my books have kind of odd topics. Ramses and Moses. Flood myths. And with Inanna's Tears a tragedy set 50 centuries ago.

Moreover, my art style is distinct in ways that may never make me a fan favorite, although I will immodestly claim that it does have its virtues.

Inanna's Tears is the last of the four graphic novels I drew for Archaia some years back to see the light of day. Rob and I are elated, but also recognize that it is coming at a time that can be difficult for little known books. The same can be said for The Grave Doug Freshley, and Some New Kind of Slaughter (still available), not to mention Omega Comics Presents, Kagemono, Acts of Violence, Spinning to Infinity and your comic as well.

Archaia deserves credit for having persevered to get my books out. They take risks, and make extra efforts, and spare nothing to see that all their books receive the highest production value. I'm proud to be associated with the company, and of the range of material they publish, and for the way that they have supported my own odd ducks.

But seriously, folks, my books are all great reads, you'll love 'em!

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