Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daddy's Girl Thumbs Up!

Also available is a short that RL and I did for Kagemono, an Australian anthology. This one was rather personal for my partner, and that paid off with a terrific review from the website Scary Minds

"Kicking off the book is one of the better zombie stories you are ever likely to read in Daddy's Girl (story Russell Lissau, art mpMann). Last time I reviewed a Kagemono release I mentioned that Jason Franks had perhaps been giving the zombie thing a wide berth due to there not being a whole lot more to say on the matter. Naturally Franks has left me with egg on my face, as Daddy's Girl takes an idea Romero hinted at and gives it an impactful central focus. Flowers and Skulls is worth investing in for this story alone kids, best zombie story since The Walking Dead enthralled us all."

You can get it here.

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