Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fire it up!

So I'm getting started with comics again, leaving too much other srtuff undone, but i seem to be spiraling down this path again.

Character designs and a drawing for the USV Simulium are completed and with JH who will finish out the pitch and is working on an eight page short for me to illustrate as part of the pitch.

And I've started drawing "L'ange de Bastogne." I'll be approaching the art of this a little differently. instead of just blasting through, pencils and inks from page to page, I'm hopping around pencilling whatever appeals to me first, as a way to ease into the project. I also plan to produce fairly finished pencil art before I ink, which is a changefrom my recent practice.

My hope is that I will produce more complex and finished art, without losing the loose energy I've worked hard to achieve.

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