Saturday, August 28, 2010

From In the Belly of the Whale_01

This is an excerpt from a thread at PnP about being at a cross-roads with comics. I haven't cross posted all of my thoughts from there to here, but it seemed that this one might be worthwhile as a stand alone.


I wonder how much of this, "what do I want from comics?" has to do with slamming your (meaning the collective our) heads against the direct market? Without going into all the issues surrounding the DM, it is a most curious place and not at all what it was 20+ years ago.

There is more variety available than ever before, yet the promise of making a living as an independent creator seems more closed off. The possibility of printing your own book and getting it out there to meet success seems a much longer shot then previously.

Digital offers the new ease of access: beginning with the web and now adding the various digital readers. Is the iPad and its successors become the most accessible path to publication? What are the barriers here?

Is this the best venue to produce a work that entertains but also is more and have it find its readership.


Maybe that's a key phrase here. Rather than talk about commercial vs artistic success, what we really want is to find our readership. Appreciation and (some measure) of commercial success will surely follow.

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