Thursday, October 21, 2010

This and That

Well, this is looking like it will be a record low for me for posts in a month, but I have been busy and others have been busy on my behalf. Head Mechanics is still in process and I'll say no more about for now. L'ange de Bastogne is completed, and not a moment too soon. I dragged it out just a bit too long. Not that I was getting tired of it, but simply that I'm eager to get onto some other stuff. The art show at Pt Richmond is going up, but more on that in another post.And I've seen the dustjacket and interior layouts for The Grave Doug Freshley and it looks spectacular! See?


  1. It looks amazing Marv...that's a very sharp design. I'm looking forward to reading it...any word on when it's coming out?

  2. by month's end I hope and I dunno about print. Scott did kick ass on this.