Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Grave Doug Freshley

Its the last of four graphic novels I drew a few years ago, and its slated to come out hard on the heels of Inanna's Tears which was drawn almost a year earlier. I am so excited to have these books coming out at last and hope they do well and draw us some attention. DOUG in particular has the prospect of legs, I believe.

And its coming at a time when I seem to be leaving comics behind (again)in favor of other creative activities. I have no idea if my forays into architecture will pay off, its hard to stay motivated in the face of a slow market and trudging forward alone. My attempts to write a novel are kind of a long shot (gee, ya think?) but I can chalk it up to doing something I've long wanted to try, so it will have life value.

If DOUG is successful, there could well be reason to do more... but even if its successful, will it make money? Too hard to know right now.

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